Monday, 30 June 2014

Vintage Barbie Doll Knits - 1960s Knitting Pattern For Barbie Sized Dolls


Film Star Pattern By Jacquay Yaxley's Knitting Emporium


The Pink Pants Tutorial By So Fiii - Deviant Art


Monster High Doll Corset Vest Tutorial And Pattern By Milk And Bunny - Deviant Art

Barbie Size Knitting Pattern for 3 Outfits

Barbie Size "Emerald Green Party Gown" Knitting Pattern By Mary Layfield

Barbie Size "Slinky Dress" Knitting Pattern


Vintage Barbie and Skipper Knitting Patterns

How To Make a BJD Dress Shirt By Rodian Angel on Deviant Art


BJD Shirt Pattern and Tutorial By So Fiii on Deviant Art


BJD Winter Coat Pattern For Super Dolfie By Amethyst Armor - Deviant Art


Vintage Hayfield Knitting Pattern Number 3119 For 12 inch to 22 inch Baby Dolls


Monster High Cape Tutorial By LissyBear - Deviant Art


BJD Collared & Cuffed Shirt Sewing Tutorial By Julian G on Tumbler.